Alejandro Jodorowsky's amazing manual on transpersonal therapy. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. George Dehn, Steven Guth, Lon Milo Duquette - The Book of Abramelin - A New Translation. Psychomagic by Alejandro Jodorowsky - A healing path using the power of dreams, theater, poetry, and shamanism • Shows how Resources and Downloads. Manual of Psychomagic by Alejandro Jodorowsky - A workbook for using symbolic acts to heal the unconscious mind• Provides several hundred successful psychomagic Publishers Weekly, February Resources and Downloads.

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The ocean rose and grew dark, and suddenly all these dead fish were piled on the sand, with hundreds of seagulls swooping down from the sky, grabbing the fish.

The miners, the poor people, ran onto the beach celebrating Because of my nose. The ominous story of the red shoes--another anecdote in the film--was true as well: the guilt Jodorowsky carried for inadvertently causing the death of a poor friend with his gift of shiny shoes with slippery soles , given to him according to his autobiography by his mother, and here in the film by his nasty father.

But what is not true is the second half of the film in which the father takes off for Santiago to kill the fascist president, General Ibanez. But here, the enraged father goes so far as to actively plot a bizarre assassination attempt, which requires that he first becomes a horseman in charge of the general's stunningly white horse, Bucephales, who gallops in the fields to the tune of "Midnight Cowboy.

The father, in the second half of the film, is humbled. He even weeps in a church, where in a pointed attack at anti-Semitism he offers more alms than the Christians. He did not hesitate from expanding upon his still painful memories of his father. If I made a drawing, he was blind to it.

I wanted to be loved by my father. I admired him. When my cat died three days later, I cried a lot.

The Transformative Power of Shamanic Psychotherapy

I show that already in Santa Sangre. I myself come from a crazy family of raped immigrants in misery.

My mother's mother was raped by a Cossack. My mother was born from rape. And I was born in , the year of crisis. I have a great imagination. Every person has some gift, but not the same. My gift was imagination.

People try to compensate this way. Alcoholism is generally produced from a shortage in mother's milk. And heroin addiction is usually due to a lack of being, the absence of recognition; the drug fills the emptiness of not being loved. The person who does not control his territory does not control his existence.

If someone is not conscious, he is taken over, not only outwardly but also with the thoughts that assault him. He is very vulnerable to desires and feelings. For example, you live calmly with your wife, and then—catastrophe!

Suddenly you lose control because you have fallen in love with another. You don't have to fall victim to that reality; what you have to do is navigate in it, overcome the winds and sandstorms.

Alejandro Jodorowsky

Amid the storms at sea and the signs, you must move forward calmly and look toward the port you're heading for. I soaked six or seven T-Shirts a night with my sweat.

I went to see a Chinese sage that someone had recommended. He was a poet, a great master of tai chi, and a doctor. When he first saw me, he said, "What is your purpose in life? He continued, "If you do not tell me what is your purpose in life, I cannot heal you. What prevents life from devouring us is having a purpose.

The higher it is, the further it will carry us I say: "What you give, you give to yourself; what you do not give, you give up. If I keep my knowledge, I lose it. One receives knowledge and gives it.

When you give knowledge, you enrich yourself. If you do not give love, you are detracting from yourself. If I begin to help people, if I begin to heal people, I begin to heal. Do you understand? To be a therapist, you have to be a patient. The first thing to do to heal yourself is to heal others.

I have one more saying: "I do not want anything for myself that I do not want for others". To transform oneself one must give, but to transform oneself one must also learn. One closes oneself off and does not admit love from another, the tenderness or the help of another. The real leap is learning to receive, which is as difficult as learning to give.

And it is necessary to learn to ask for what one needs: justice is to give to oneself what one deserves. This is why the gospels say, "Knock and the door will be opened. If I ask that we will use an energy other than oil, it is because I have the right to ask for it. We have to learn to ask for what is just and to not ask for what it is not necessary to ask.

Once centenarian teacher who had the body of an adolescent told me he had studied martial arts.

We were in Notre Dame, and he said, "Attack me. It took me a long time to understand. He used a secret Chinese practice, which consists of drawing a snake in the air with your hand to distract the enemy. Every neighborhood has one. The professional doctors, faithful sons of the university, despise these practices. According to them, medicine is a science.


They would like to find a precise, ideal remedy for every illness, and to not differentiate one from the other depending on who has it. Patients are treated only as bodies. These doctors do not propose to cure the soul. Contrarily, medicine, to folk healers, is an art. It is easier for the unconscious to understand dream language than rational language.

From a certain point of view, illnesses are dreams, messages that reveal unresolved problems. Some have more imagination or talent than others, but all, if consulted with faith, are useful.

They speak to the primitive and superstitious individual, whom we all carry inside. Once the sacred trap tricks the person seeking consultation, he experiences an interior transformation that permits him to capture the world by way of the intuition rather than by reason.

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It is only this way that a true miracle can take place. But I asked myself at that moment: If one eliminates the sacred trap with this artistic therapy, could a person cure another without faith? At every moment the unconscious exceeds the limits of our reason, whether by way of dreams or by futile acts. A particular incident that occurred in one of my psycho-genealogy courses indicated the way to me: at the moment in which I described the causes for the neurosis, a medical student of surgery fell on the floor twisting with painful spasms.

It seemed like an epileptic seizure. In the middle of general panic, without anyone knowing how to help him, I went over to the inflicted person and, without knowing why, I removed, with a lot of trouble, his wedding band from the ring finger of his left hand.Each of us is both an heir of our lineage and a necessary variation that brings the family into new territory.

It took me a long time to understand.

In this case, I recommend: Make a heart out of red cork to put next to the telephone. Some have more imagination or talent than others, but all, if consulted with faith, are useful. Psychomagic, he explained, is based on the idea that magic is the poetry of the world, its feeling.

And I was born in , the year of crisis. He lives in France. She meets also two strange children that they come often to visit her singing old popular rhymes.

That is when true transformation can manifest. But what is not true is the second half of the film in which the father takes off for Santiago to kill the fascist president, General Ibanez.

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