LEARNING MAYA 2 Maya is a trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc. exclusively used by Alias|Wavefront, a division of Silicon Graphics How to use this book. But aside from animation it's common for concept artists to learn Maya since it's a huge part of video game development. That's why I've curated the best books. you are new to Maya, this book is your fastest starting point. If you are an existing To allow you to print copies of the online tutorials, we've provided PDF files.

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Books are always a team effort. Of especial help with this one was the tireless work of my tech editor, former student, colleague, and friend Jake Green. His. several books, among them Maya Cloth for Characters (Surrealistic Producing Effects, Studio Projects: Dynamics (Sybex, ), and Maya Studio Projects. Autodesk® Maya® is a 3D animation system that lets artists play the roles of director, actor, set designer . Learning Maya | Foundation book gives you project-.

I do recommend nabbing a copy of this book if you can, but I also recommend having some basic experience under your belt first. It does expect you to understand the fundamentals of Maya and have a sense of the basic tools.

The early chapters help to demystify animation and how Maya works in a production environment. There are tons of interviews with pro animators scattered throughout each chapter and those are absolutely worth reading. But the lessons are also very pragmatic to help you see how animation in Maya really works.

The author Roger King has classroom teaching experience and it shines through in his writing style. It totals pages with dozens of exercises you can follow to learn how this complicated program functions.

All the content is extremely detailed and these lessons can apply to video games as well. By far the best animation book for Maya but it does get into some complex topics too. Creating Environments in Maya Alongside traditional character creation is environment design. Concept artists typically craft environments in 2D and bring these to modelers for 3D rendering.

This is another digital-only book from Maya expert Jana Germano. Her writing style is just as easy to consume and this book Creating Environments in Maya is an excellent follow-up from her introductory guide Simplifying Maya. It talks about photorealism and how to work with realistic environments compared to cartoony environments.

Other topics cover matte painting and ultimately what background designers need to know for working in the industry. Definitely a great read although it does focus a lot more on realism over stylized environments.

Rig it Right!

Maya Animation Rigging Concepts I covered this book in my previous post on rigging which is a huge topic of study. Maya Animation Rigging Concepts is one of the few Maya-centric books that covers this topic in great detail. Even semi-experienced Maya users can learn a lot about rigging from these exercises. How to Cheat in Maya How to Cheat in Maya teaches power workflows and hidden secrets that far surpass the edition of this software.

Every professional or aspiring Maya user should keep a copy of this book nearby.

The entire book mostly covers character animation work but a lot of these techniques apply to video games too. The glyphs show roughly 40 times in the text, making eclipses a major focus of the Dresden Codex. The first 52 pages of the Dresden Codex are about divination. The Mayan astronomers would use the codex for day keeping, but also determining the cause of sickness and other misfortunes. Though a wide variety of gods and goddesses appear in the Dresden Codex, the Moon Goddess is the only neutral figure [12].

In the first 23 pages of the book, she is mentioned far more than any other god. The codex also contains astronomical tables, although less than are found in the other two generally accepted surviving Maya codices. Other scholars have expressed a differing opinion, noting that the codex is similar in style to murals found at Chichen Itza , Mayapan and sites on the east coast such as Santa Rita, Tancah and Tulum.

Getting Started in 3D with Maya

Three years later the first reproduction drawing of it was prepared for Lord Kingsborough , by his Lombardian artist Agostino Aglio. The original drawing is now lost, but a copy survives among some of Kingsborough's unpublished proof sheets , held in collection at the Newberry Library , Chicago. Main article: Grolier Codex Page 6 of the Grolier Codex, depicting a death god with captive While the three codices above were known to scholars since the 19th century, the Grolier Codex only surfaced in the s.

The codex, found in a cave and bought from a Mexican collector that donated it to the Mexican government in [30] , is really a fragment of 10 pages. Each page shows a hero or god, facing to the left. At the top of each page is a number, and down the left of each page is what appears to be a list of dates.

The pages are much less detailed than in the other codices, and hardly provide any information that is not already in the Dresden Codex.


Although its authenticity was initially disputed, various tests conducted in the early 21st century supported its authenticity and Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History judged it to be an authentic Pre-Columbian codex in Creating Gears — Lean how to create gears with this helpful guide. Using Revolve — Learn how to use the revolve tool in Maya with this tutorial. Using The Extrude Tool — A tutorial that covers in-depth guide on the extrude tool and all of its functions.

Building a Polygon Arch — Learn how to make arches in a building with this interesting tutorial. Wireframe Rendering — In this tutorial you can learn how to create wire-frame rendering in Maya.

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How to Create a Wine Glass — A useful tutorial on creating a wineglass using the curve tool. Realistic Ear Modeling — Create a realistic ear in Maya, for those with experience in polygon modeling. Realistic Eye Modeling for 3D Characters — This is a tutorial on how to model and apply shaders to create realistic eyes.

Caustics — A tutorial to learn how to make a picture of a glass using caustics in Maya. Modelling in Alias — Ceiling light — A tutorial that teaches you about creating ceiling light in Maya. Create Fire in Maya — Learn the process of creating fire effect from scratch using Maya particle system. Create a New York Subway Entrance in Maya — A detailed guide on how to model the low-poly mesh from reference, and then creating the high-poly source for the purpose of making normal maps.

Creating A Holiday Ball — A tutorial to teach you how to create a holiday ball from polygonal primitives in Maya.

Creating a Lava Lamp in Maya — Want to create a lava lamp in Maya, then follow this tutorial that shows modeling, shading, lighting and rendering of a realistic lava lamp. How to Create an Awesome Fire Effect Using Maya Fluids — A step-by-step guide to learn how to create a fire animation in Maya, which you can later use in any of your projects.

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Modelling A Poly Table Fan — This video tutorial is about creating a polygonal fan table with some quick modeling techniques like curve extrude, surfaces, poly tube, smooth, bevel, curve revolve, extrude, and more. Creating Dynamic Mud Effect Using Soft Body — A tutorial that teaches you how to create an effect that shows a dynamic sphere moving over mud. Making Eyelid Rig with Driven Keys and Expressions — This tutorial tells you how to create blend shapes for 4 positions of the eye and drive these blend shapes automatically to show eye ball rotating.

Model a Spitfire War Plane — A detailed tutorial on how to model a fire-spitting war plane.Modeling a foot in Maya — Teach your self how to model a realistic looking foot in Maya through this tutorial. A big portion of this book focuses on the workflows and how you should develop a Maya design system.

Maya Documentation

Caustics — A tutorial to learn how to make a picture of a glass using caustics in Maya. Realistic Eye Modeling for 3D Characters — This is a tutorial on how to model and apply shaders to create realistic eyes. Basic Technique of Creating An Animation — Learn the very basic techniques of creating an animation in Maya through this tutorial. Creating Environments in Maya Alongside traditional character creation is environment design.

The pages are much less detailed than in the other codices, and hardly provide any information that is not already in the Dresden Codex. A few of the more coherent of these lumps have been preserved, with the slim hope that some technique to be developed by future generations of archaeologists may be able to recover some information from these remains of ancient pages. Making A Battleship in Maya — This tutorial shows you how to make ship using Nurbs curves, surfaces and poly geometry features in Maya.

But be warned these exercises are a touch harder to follow than other beginner books.

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