Pursuit of Honor. Home · Pursuit of Honor Author: Vince Flynn. 14 downloads Views Mitch Rapp 10 - Pursuit of Honor. Read more · Pursuit · Read more . Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn - #1 New York Times bestselling author of American Assassin—now a major motion picture An exhilarating political thriller from. Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn. Preview 7 FOREWORD T he Pursuit of God was the fruit of A. W. Tozer's spir-itual exploration The Pursuit of God.

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nice Pursuit of Honor By Vince Flynn AudioBook Free Download. Pursuit of Honor [Vince Flynn] on ininenzero.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. #1 New York Times bestselling author of American Assassin—now a major. Treason, Protect and Defend, Extreme Measures, Pursuit of Honor, The Last Man , The. Survivor, Order To Kill and Enemy Of The State (). American.

In the last books, Mike Nash was shown just as much as Mitch. And while I loved seeing how someone doing the job that they do handles going home to a wife and kids, I was worried that the series was going to vear too much towards Nash. He's a great character, but nobody can compare to Rapp for me! Luckily, after this book, I don't think that's going to be the case any more. While we definetly saw Nash in this book, he wasn't really the main focus this time.

I did find myself laughing several times especially towards the end as Rapp did things to other people that he personally would never tolerate!

He is a bit of a hypocrite at times. Without giving anything away, I'll just say that towards the end of the book one of the characters was put into a situation that was very similar to a situation that Rapp was in during an earlier book. When Mitch was in that situation, he flat out refused to step back and let anyone call the shots but him.

This time, he refused to let the other character take the lead, and again flat out refused to let anyone else call the shots! I guess that attitude is probably one of the things that I love about Rapp! Great book! As a side note, the audio book was fantastic. This series is one of my favorites to listen to! Jan 03, The Real Book Spy rated it it was amazing. Vince Flynn really brings it in this high octane thriller! Pursuit of Honor is a direct sequel to Flynn's last book, Extreme Measures, which in my opinion didn't live up to the standard he set for himself with his previous offerings.

Rapp, Flynn's longtime main protago Wow. Rapp, Flynn's longtime main protagonist and center of all his previous novels except one, Term Limits , seemed to get less screen time to the newer Nash. With all do respect to Mr. Where Extreme Measures didn't follow Mitch Rapp as much as his readers had grown used to, Flynn came back by continuing the story and letting Rapp be the main star this time around.

In fact, as if just to prove that Rapp is still "the man" compared to Nash, Flynn treats readers to a moment were Rapp claims his dominance with one well placed palm strike. You'll love it, and find yourself smiling and you cheer Rapp on every step of the way! The story follows Rapp as he hunts down the terrorists responsible for a series of bombs that went off in Washington D.

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I'm not going to ruin anything, or give away the fabulous ending, so please just do yourself a favor and pick this book up to read on your own. Just in case there was any doubt to his greatness Vince Flynn turned in Pursuit of Honor, and in doing so, reclaimed his spot as the best in the business as writing thrillers for this genre.

Nov 08, seak rated it really liked it Shelves: Just finished my first thriller and you know what? I didn't hate it. In fact, I kinda liked it. I like Vince Flynn and this is a good read. It starts out with an American traitor who's position and actions make him an extreme liability.

So, Mitch Rapp needs to take, certain action. Interesting spring board from which to start a story. Flynn has a record for telling good, well constructed, fast moving even breakneck speed novels.

If you've followed Mitch Rapp's "career" and the book that follows this one is actually a "prequel" giving us Mitch's start in the CIA you know this. This is s I like Vince Flynn and this is a good read. This is still fast moving and it's still absorbing. I give it 4 stars and as I have already said, I like it. However I must say that the final climax in this book is very, very, predictable. Using "very, very" always makes me think of the movie "Undercover Blues".

The "bad guys" have guns on Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner and say, "I want you to get up from the table very, very slowly" to which Quaid reply's, "Very, very? Like me you'll be shaking your head saying, why don't they see what's coming?

Oh well, that aside it's still a good read and I can recommend it. If you're a Flynn fan, a spy novel fan or and action novel fan I think it'll pass inspection, with the one "minor" flaw. Vince Flynn is the Master what more can I say at this point! He knows how to deliver a story with shear force and amazing accuracy that hits like a bullseye right to the heart.

He captures readers in his insight, in his power, in his control over every situation without fear or hesitation to end terrorism for the sake of his country. I don't know how any reviewer can truly offer any less than 5 star glowing Vince Flynn is the Master what more can I say at this point! I don't know how any reviewer can truly offer any less than 5 star glowing reviews. In Pursuit of Honor we have some heavy hitters in the arena with Karim and Hakim joining forces all be it they may just self destruct on their own while they go after the nations National Counter Terrorism facility on the war against terror.

If they succeed the crippling waves will wipe out America's ability to attack Al Quaeda. Adams exposes the CIA using a tell all to showcase its illegal programs. No worries as Mitch Rapp doesn't have failure in his vocabulary. Bad Ass is his middle name. Ahmed and Karim are terrorists on their own mission in burning down houses leaving nothing but death and destruction behind.

Rapp knows it will take everything he has in his arsenal to get the mission completed especially in locating Peter Siddov because Ahmed is a trained sniper who is out for blood. Mitch takes no prisoners and Karim learns that lesson the hard way.

Mitch is the ultimate enforcer of liberty and freedom. Vince Flynn has done it again Amazing work all around!

It's been years since I have read a Vince Flynn novel. I decided to try it out again. And, I do not like Mitch Rapp anymore.

His solution to every conflict, every disagreement, is to simply threaten to kill the person or actually kill him. Rapp is a loose cannon that is portrayed as some glorified American hero. He's not. He's a cold-blooded killer that should be locked up in the brig. Now, I digress. My politics have changed and my worldview has changed since the days I used to read this garbage.

Flynn's novels are full of right-wing, anti-liberal, anti-muslim, and anti-establishment rhetoric. I simply cannot stomach the rhetoric anymore. So, I say a final goodbye to Flynn and Rapp. It was enjoyable at a time when I was like you, but thank goodness, I'm not anymore. Apr 12, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was a great follow-up to Extreme Measures. The action takes place in the immediate aftermath of terrorist attacks on Washington DC.

While Mitch Rapp is the main character, I liked the supporting character development in this one. I love that Flynn brought back Stan Hurley. What a magnificent old cuss! I also really like the focus on Mike Nash's personal growth and development. Overall, a great addition to the Mitch Rapp series! Jan 14, D. Jason rated it liked it Shelves: This would be one of Flynn's best, except I first began this one in the mistaken belief that it preceded "Extreme Measures", and I was rather impressed at the leap in Flynn's jump in narrative maturity.

Coming to it cold, you feel like you dropped right in the middle of a complicated story, and have to piece some things together as you go along, which was fun. Then I looked again at the copyright date, set this one aside, and read the preceding book first before continuing.

Still, while this boo This would be one of Flynn's best, except Still, while this book follows on about a week after the climax of "Extreme Measures", and continues the story threads that remained open, it DOES add some new elements that you have to work a little to figure out how they affected the previous book.

And it's not ret-conning, it was clearly intended in both books. So while it's not so much of a "here you are in the middle of events, work it out for yourself" scenario as I first thought, it remained satisfying. Flynn makes use of one scene to make an anti-abortion statement. To be fair, he clearly does not think that is what he is doing.

Flynn's hero, Mitch Rapp, is confronted by a California senator over the morality of torture, and calls her out for hypocrisy since she supports late-term abortion. Since Rapp is obviously pro-torture, and since he explicitly has no opinion on abortion, he is "just pointing out the hypocrisy" of the senator.

And, for Rapp the character, I can accept that. But author Flynn clearly has an agenda. He sets up the confrontation to ensure that the reader is in great anticipation.

He fails to treat the pro-choice side with any seriousness at all.

The senator makes no attempt to explain that her position proceeds from the right of a woman to her own body or if she does, it's so weak as to come off as forgettable sophistry. As far as Flynn is concerned, she is for killing innocent babies, and there can be no other way of looking at it. I have no problem reading books from authors who hold opinions contrary to my own as this opinion clearly is , but it leaves a bad taste when said author justifies his side with the thinnest of straw men.

It's only one scene and a very brief moment earlier in the story. It doesn't ruin the book. But it does bring it down a notch, because it's such a false note. And an unnecessary one.

If he had just dealt with the conflict of different ideas and the premises from which they proceed honestly, it might have even elevated the book quite a bit. On the positive side, Flynn's portrayal of the destructiveness of narcissism is excellent.

There are at least two full-blown narcissists in the story, and their characterizations are almost completely different. The effects of their psychology, and the actions they take, are widely divergent, but completely believable and, in one case, terrifying.

Overall, a pretty good entry in the Mitch Rapp series, which would have been one of the best if not for the author cheating in advocating one of his political opinions.

Relistened on March 5, Still good, but didn't think it as great as when I first listened to it 2 years ago. George Guidall I want this installment made into a movie!

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Heck, I want all the Rapp books made into movies - TV movies, 2-part ones, 2 movies a month. Kyle Mills saw Colin Farrell as Rapp. I've not been, or am, a Farrell fan but I guess he'll do. I enjoyed this book, surprisingly, because of t Relistened on March 5, I enjoyed this book, surprisingly, because of the terrorists. The interaction between Hakim and Karim was funny and it was a refreshing change to see a different side to the bad guys.

Rapp, as usual, sees things black and white when he has to. I like that. So it was a relief when I read Mills say, " The prelude I wrote last week is a perfect example. So I went back and reworked it. I am curious as to what happens to Nash after this - is he really going to be happy staying away from the action?

I was happy about Senator Lonsdale in the previous book and glad to see her being good on her word. It tickled me to read that the exchange between Rapp and Senator Ogden was based on a real life incident see Kelly's review. Sep 16, Corey rated it it was amazing Shelves: An epic kick-ass follow-up to the less exciting Extreme Measures! Pursuit of Honor takes place right after the events that took place in the end of Extreme Measures, when a small band of Muslim Terrorists blew up a Restaurant in Washington DC, killing many Congress Members and Staffers, afterwards attacking the National Counter Terrorist Center, kill An epic kick-ass follow-up to the less exciting Extreme Measures!

Pursuit of Honor takes place right after the events that took place in the end of Extreme Measures, when a small band of Muslim Terrorists blew up a Restaurant in Washington DC, killing many Congress Members and Staffers, afterwards attacking the National Counter Terrorist Center, killing many more until Rapp and Mike Nash intervene, killing the majority of the attackers, but the leader Karim, knows as the Lion of al Qaeda, and 2 more of his followers, remain at large.

With the Nation left in disarray, the President has given Rapp and Nash the green light to bring Karim to justice dead or alive. Rapp is on the trail of a corrupt official of the CIA who has given out information that some would consider to aid the enemy. While at the same time, Karim and his 2 followers, Hakim and Ahmed, are on the run from the authorities following the attack, and they take up residency at multiple locations in rural Iowa, while Hakim considered to be the leader of the operation, Karim has a different agenda, and turns out to be a psychotic, merciless killer, not caring who he hurts or kills to obtain his objective.

We are also once again introduced to Stan Hurley, who for those of you who haven't yet read American Assassin, is the man who trained Rapp, and made him into a killing machine. Much more entertaining than the predecessor, and it was nice to have Rapp back in the action! Entertaining right up to the end! Sep 16, Bev rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm going to have to stop reading Vince Flynn books, as compelling as they are.

Flynn's hero, Mitch Rapp, is an assassin for the United States, constantly at war with the FBI, who insists that there be no torture, no murder, nothing done unless it's by the books.

But Mitch is all about torture and murder and doing it all clandestinely. As I read, half of me is wanting Mitch to waterboard, electrocute, beat up and do whatever is necessary to get the bad guy, but the other half of me sides with th I'm going to have to stop reading Vince Flynn books, as compelling as they are.

As I read, half of me is wanting Mitch to waterboard, electrocute, beat up and do whatever is necessary to get the bad guy, but the other half of me sides with the FBI that we are a nation that does not do those things. In this book, Book 12 of the Mitch Rapp series, the bad guys are a group of middle eastern terrorists who have attacked the National Counter-terrorism Center in Washington D. The book follows the surviving terrorists and their plans for escape, leaving devastation in their wake, Mitch Rapp and his friend Mike Nash and their attempts to find them and bring them to justice, and the U.

Congress and top people at the FBI who are trying to reign Rapp in and bring him to justice for taking the law into his own hands.

At the end of this book, I was glad that all had turned out the way it did, but felt guilty for cheering Rapp on. I would love to know what author Vince Flynn feels about this whole thing, but, sadly, he is dead. View 1 comment. If you've read the first several interesting ones, you've read them all May 08, Winter Sophia Rose rated it it was amazing. A Fascinating Read!!! Loved It!!!

Sep 01, Ben Coes rated it it was amazing. Vince Flynn nails it with this one. Mar 26, Kenny Bellew rated it really liked it. This is book 12 of the Mitch Rapp spy series.

It's 3rd to the last of the last Rapp books VInce Flynn wrote before he died in It's another spy thriller and the story is excellent. The characters are very similar to other books. The big difference in this book is that Vince really goes more polarized politically than he's ever done in previous books, which I didn't like. For example, he had Mitch Rapp condemn a "Liberal" senator for supporting 3rd-term abortions but condemning torture. I re This is book 12 of the Mitch Rapp spy series.

I read these to escape, and this brought me into the polarized discussion I'm sick of hearing. Beside that, the story is one of the best in the series. May 30, Debbie Evancic rated it really liked it Shelves: There are only 2 more books in his series, that Vince Flynn actually wrote.

This book picks up after a Counterterrorism Center is blown up, killing people. Mike Nash, struggles to justify the terrorist's interrogations and Mitch Rapp comes up with the perfect solution. In the meantime, the chase is on for Hakim, Karim Lion of al Qaeda and Ahmed to find them before they do more damage.

As with all the books, very enjoyable to read all the way until the end. Nov 04, Jeffrey rated it liked it Recommends it for: Jack Bauer fans and anyone else who thinks America should stand tough. Its Vince Flynn again and Mitch Rapp.

I have a love hate relationship with this author and his books, on the one hand the books are really fast read, highly entertaining and the US usually triumphs over nasty terrorists. On the other hand, Flynn fills his novels with right wing diatribes, allows the torture of not only, terrorists but anyone -- be they American civilians or officers of the government who are dirty and uses anyone who gets in his way.

Instead of arresting people and turning them over to the rightful authorities, Rapp and his team, kidnap, and decide who to kill.

Rapp does not even talk to his boss Kennedy, who is merely a paper tiger at this point. In this novel, Rapp and his guys start out by kidnapping and torturing the Chief Inspector of the CIA, his crime, he was using dirty methods to track the misdeeds and violations of the law that Rapp was using in America, and was thinking of writing a tell all book about Rapps deeds and other secret missions. Lock him up send him to jail is not good enough for Rapp. Better, throw him into isolation threaten to kill him etc.

Again Rapp shoots the guy to get him to talk.

Mitch Rapp 10 - Pursuit of Honor

In a third scene, a Senator who believes that Rapps methods are repugnant dresses him down in a Senate hearing and Rapp responds by critiquing her support for abortion rights by constantly talking about the worst episodes of late term abortion propaganda using all of the buzzwords from the anti abortion playbook. It almost seems at some point that the whole purpose of the novel is too take pot shots -- that torture works, that American politicians who stand in the way of real men who do America's dirty work are the enemy.

Of course, if you can get past these political POV, the rest of the book about how Rapp tracks down the terrorists. But its not as good as others in the series because there are less and less action scenes, which is why I read Flynn, to begin with and more and more political messages about the effectiveness of torture, and the ends justify the means.

I think if Flynn jettisoned that the book would be pages shorter, but you have to take the good and the bad if you read his books. Jun 14, Susan rated it it was ok. Prior to Pursuit of Honor, I read another Vince Flynn book a couple of years ago and was looking forward to reading this one. Alas, I was very disappointed. Flynn is an excellent writer, but I don't enjoy being hit over the head with his political views.

I'll not say much about the plot. Washington D. And so of course, supreme counter-terrorism operative Mitch Rapp must come to the rescue. Karim and Ahmed brought Nash's daughter to the Lincoln Memorial and decided to make a deal with Nash. At the exchange point, Mitch successfully killed Karim. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the album, see Pursuit of Honor album.

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Pursuit of Honor first edition cover.I worked so hard to get that title. I came across several out of place words where it was obvious a sentence's structure had been modified but the changed wording didn't get put back together correctly. Technically, I didn't feel Pursuit of Honor was as well edited as Flynn's previous outings. Oct 04, Mr. With nearly dead, the nation is in no mood to negotiate with the Islamic extremists. Preview — Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn.

So I'd appreciate it. One week before leaving for Officers Candidate School, he was medically disqualified from the Marine Aviation Program, due to several concussions and convulsive seizures he suffered growing up. Sep 16, Corey rated it it was amazing Shelves:

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